The Arctic and the Ozone Layer

The Arctic and the Ozone Layer | séquences d’animation

Stabilizing our environment and climate

The Arctic region, around the North Pole, is an important indicator of the impacts of industrial and human activities, both at the surface level and in the atmosphere. The rapid warming of the region has attracted considerable scientific attention.

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Un film de Check-in Films | Animation 3D et motion design Marc Hericher | Voix off Daley Brennan | Produit par United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) 2013

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Genre | Documentaire
Technique mixte | prise de vue réel et animation 3D
Durée | 18min 04sec
Frame rate | 25fps
Format |  full HD 1920/1080
Ratio | 16:9
Son | stéréo
Langue | anglais
Année | 2013